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Spring of 1994 World Tour

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Yes, you read correctly - just a few years ago, back in 1994, my brother and I were treated by being taken around the world by our parents, to visit our extended family, and just to experience a whole heap of different of people and places. If I remember rightly (and there's certainly no guarantees on that score) I believe it took almost 2 months for us to get back home, as we first spent time in London, Ontario, Canada, before winging across the next biggest ocean to London, England.

We spent a short while looking around the city, then moved farther afield as far as Cambridge. Then we took the ferry over the ditch to France to explore the continent, skirting the Belgian border, skipping through Luxembourg, then dipping down to enter Switzerland, staying a week or so in a campsite near Lauterbrunnen, in the Interlaken area. I think that was the most spectacular part of the trip for us - coming from a region of plains where only some of our ranges are touched by snow a few months of the year, to be in such dramatic valleys, surrounded by such giants, really was a mind-boggling experience.

But eventually it came time to move on, as we swept through Geneva and back into France, heading up through Paris before hopping back over to Britain. Once more we roamed, first through Kent, then across the Southern counties, even as far as Cornwall, before returning via the Salisbury plains to Chingford (just inside the North of London). A few more days with our family, then back down under as far as Perth, Western Australia. We'd already been to Sydney and Surfer's Paradise over the Eastern coast of Australia previously, and even then I'm sure it felt much different over that side of things - as you might expect. I've been wanting to go back since, but compared with the closer Aussie states, it's proved more unreachable than England has been since.
But that's another album...