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Bathurst 2005

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October 2005, and despite originally thinking that last year's European excursion would be the last such as a family, here we go again! This time it's to Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, for the annual V8 Supercars endurance race at Mt Panorama. 1000 kilometers - approximately 150 laps of the mountain track. 2 drivers, with the 'secondary' having to put in a certain minumum of laps, probably about a third. It's a pretty spectacular race that takes quite a toll on the drivers and the machinery.

But it wasn't all about the cars - we were spending a few days either side of the racing in the city, as it'd been quite a few years since our last visit to Sydney - sometime when Marty & I were quite young in fact, so I sure couldn't remember much at all. We went up the 'World Tower' (but of an egotistical title, surely?); took the obligatory harbour cruise - though didn't take the ferry over to Manly this time, one thing I do foggily remember having done previously. Though one of the days we decided to each do our own thing, and so I took the opportunity to head over to the Zoo and took the camera for a walk. Quite possibly the best Zoo in the Southern Hemisphere, at least in my humble opinion.

You'll no doubt notice that the album format is slightly different than most of my other templates, but the usual 6 per page - especially in the Zoo - would have meant a great deal more clicking around than it's reasonable to expect. Thus ten or twelve per page, with slightly smaller thumbnails so you still shouldn't have to scroll too much.

Sydney CBD Skyline as seen from Taronga Zoo