As of writing this, it is now May, 2010, and I have finally started putting together gallery pages for events of 2008. My excuse is that we were so busy through the end of 2008 and all throughout 2009 that it was all I could do to keep up to date with pages for all of them. Also, only recently have we had a reliable - and reliably FAST - internet connection and so uploading pictures no longer takes forever.

August 09 - Orewa Beach Weekend away to Orewa to stay with Rosie's Great-Aunt and Uncle.
June 21 - Auckland Zoo After aforementioned stroll through the suburbs, we found ourselves at the Zoo.
June 21 - Suburb Stroll Escaping the city for the day, wandering through Cox's Bay and Western Springs.
Miscellaneous Autumn Random pictures taken during the Autumn months, mostly taken to or from work.
Birthday & Graduation After 3 years of studies I graduated with my Bachelor of Computer Systems from EIT.
March 24 - Overlander Return journey from the aforementioned festival concert was by way of the passenger train that still runs along the main trunk line between Wellington and Auckland.
March 22/23 - Wellington Weekend away in Wellington for the Rock2WGTN metal festival.
St Patrick's Day Parade The 2008 St Pats Day parade up Queen Street, central Auckland.
January Free concerts and fireworks down by the water's edge.