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Oct 05 - Sydney

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March 15 -
St Pats Parade

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Living in the middle of the city has its advantages. Especially when one keeps their ear to the ground and finds out about tickets on sale for an all-nighter gig put on by 3 of New Zealand's most iconic bands playing wight down on the waterfront.

The very next weekend was Auckland Anniversary weekend, and the traditional performance by the Auckland Philharmonic was playing on the same stage - for free. And afterwards - also free - British pop band The Searchers were in town for one show only. Not the most fashionable of music, and we were probably the youngest in the crowd excepting those who had been dragged along by their parents, but I grew up listening to and liking much of their hits, and many similar, and they still have a certain charm.

And of course, later that night there were fireworks issuing forth from the harbour. Fireworks are always tricky to photograph, but I gave it my best shot.