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March 24 -

March 28 -


Finally, after 3 years of study, I graduated from Eastern Institute of Technology, Taradale, with my Bachelor in Computer Systems. It is likely my lecturers drew as much of a sigh of relief as myself. It had also been my birthday just a fortnight ago, so was treated to a dinner out at Mission Estate over in Napier with my family and those that by this time the next year would be my in-laws.

The graduation was made all the sweeter by the fact that already my study had paid itself off, in my estimation, as I had by this stage been working a month in my position as an Analyst Programmer with the company Talgentra, soon to be renamed Gentrack.

To this day I remain thankful to all the staff at EIT that helped me through my studies - not just those in the Computing department, but those good people in the Administration, Library, and the Canteen. Honestly, without the $1 make-it-yourself instant coffee and frequent 2-for-$5 V/E2 deals, I do not think it would have been possible.

Special thanks of course to Steve Corich, Michael Verhaart, John Jamieson, Owen Giles, and all the rest of my class lecturers, including remembrance for Allister Mclay, tragically taken from us during my time there.

And lastly of course, thanks to my classmates, friends, and especially my family, who suffered me to stay at home while I studied and worked.