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29 Nov: Urban

30 Nov: Manly
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Hyde Park
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Botanic Gardens
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The Rocks
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Armed with a map of the city and surrounding area, we ventured out for a walk through Hyde Park, past St Mary's Cathedral, down past the Domain and around Mrs Macquaries Point, back in through the Botanic Gardens, out again to the Opera House, where a Sunday market was laid out, where Rosie managed to get most of her Christmas shopping done at a single stall! Then around Circular Quay and up into the Rocks district, through their markets. We even found the shop where the spraypaint artist works that did a painting my brother gave us for our wedding - was amazing to watch him work! Big sign saying 'No photos please' unfortunately, so you'll just have to go watch him work yourself ;o)

Popping under the bridge and briefly resting beneath the girders, we continued down to the wharves on the other side - most of which are converted into apartments and restaurants. By this stage we were taking pretty frequent breaks, but we managed to haul ourselves up some steps to the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel for a pint each of their brewed-on-site concoctions. Very nice. Bit of a break before heading up for a wander past the Observatory, where we had a good view of the harbour, then descending down to follow Kent St back into town, over to York St, past Wynyard Park, then down onto George St to wander past the Town Hall and stop for another quick break. Eventually made our way back to the hotel, popping out briefly again to a Coles just down the road in World Square for some provisions to make lunches for our upcoming excursions.

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