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The public transport extent was proved again the next day, as we caught the train up into the Blue Mountains. To be fair, to take the service so far is quite expensive, but then that was for one-time travellers - if one had to commute that far (and it appeared numerous people did) then I'm sure there's frequent traveller cards to be had. Our original plan for this trip was simply to go to Wentworth Falls, but as it turned out it worked out cheaper to get a Blue Mountains Explorer pass which allowed us return train journey as well as use of one of the hop-on-hop-off buses in Katoomba, so we ended up just doing the whole tourist package, including the 3 ScenicWorld trips, then the bus from there to Echo Point for the usual 3 Sisters view. Then, to distance ourselves from the coach tours, we went for a wander along the clifftop walk, past many a lookout, to eventually find our way to the Bridal Veil Falls lookout and Leura Cascades, hopping on the bus again at the picnic area just beyond to get into Leura village.

We had long enough then before the next train to enjoy some cool chocolate beverages from one of the local cafes, and then off we went to Wentworth Falls as originally planned. Except that we didn't realise that the doors on the extra-urban trains don't necessarily open automatically, despite signs instructing "Don't Force Doors" etc, so at the Falls stop we stood, waited for the doors to open, then heard "Doors Closing" before the train trundled onwards. Confused and not a bit frustrated we got off at the next stop instead, and had an unexpected break at Bullaburra station before the next train going the other way. So we had an hour less at Wentworth Falls than we thought, and it also turned out to be a further walk than we expected. However we still managed to get down there pretty briskly, and it was definitely worth it - the Falls there, even running a bit dry, were much more spectacular to look at than any of the touristy spots we'd already been to.

Unfortunately, the return journey experience was marred for Rosie by her experiencing some intestinal difficulty, to put it delicately, which then led to her feeling really rather dehydrated on the way back through town, and our drink bottles had run dry by now - we'd not seen anywhere to refill at Leura, and hadn't thought to ask at the cafe. Luckily a group of older ladies and gents were occupying the public tennis courts right where she felt rather light-headed, so I imposed on their aid. As it turned out, one of them was an ex-nurse and she therefore had Rosie lying down with a couple of glasses of water in her and a cold compress on her forehead in no time, and she even gave us a lift up to the station!

To put the icing on the cake there was then a young man came up to us offering to entertain us with some magic tricks (not even for busking, just purely to pass the time) and we ended up in conversation until he hopped off at Blacktown on the way back into the city. Never did catch his name, unfortunately. Some very friendly people up in them there hills!