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For the next three days we were attending the inaugural Sydney Telstra 500 V8 Supercar racing days, but on both the first and last days we had occasion to leave the track early. On the Friday we caught the return train all the way down to Circular Quay and walked up Pitt Street, one of the main shopping streets of the city. Any economy minded person should know that the safest time for window shopping is when the shops are actually closed, or near to it.

Then, on the evening of Sunday, the last day of the races, we weren't interested in staying for the podium presentation and were therefore back in the city before sundown, leading to the idea of taking the trip up to the Sydney Tower that evening, which had previously been scheduled for the next day. We had time enough to take a leisurely lap of the observation deck before the sun neared the horizon, and then the opportunity to watch the fiery orb descend and disappear behind the Blue Mountains. We then lingered a short while to observe the lights of the city begin to twinkle around us, although the glare from the internal lights made photographs of such rather difficult.