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Our last couple of days really were rather slow, though my opinion was that after such a packed first week we were entitled to some blobbing time. Monday morning we left the hotel late, and wandered down through Chinatown to Darling Harbour, through Tumbalong Park to the Harbourside shopping centre. Obviously we'd seen plenty of bigger and brasher shopping centres at Chatswood and Bondi Junction but Harbourside does have a few smaller more boutique shops, like one dedicated entirely to Russian Bubushka dolls, and one for the expats: the British Sweet Shop, where they even gave us free samples - I had a mega sour raspberry ball that blew my tastebuds somewhere into next week =D Very nice.

From there we caught the monorail (which given its struggling air conditioning was more akin to a swedish sauna) back into town and wandered up to Hyde Park. There I was all for sloping off back to the hotel, even though it was only just lunchtime, but Rosie still wanted to explore. I think the heat and the whole last week was only just catching up to me there, but after a few minutes sit down I relented and we set off down to Kings Cross and Darlinghurst, which as it turns out just happens to be the road on which the exotic car showrooms are, so I got to drool over Bentleys, Lotus', Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini, so that perked me up again. Went for a wander along and back the main street, then a bit of a dog-leg onto Oxford St to take us back to the hotel to blob the rest the afternoon.

Tumbalong Park


Chinese Gardens


Daliesque Playground

Fountain Promenade

Concrete Canopy

Festive Fountain

Amazing But True

Kings Cross Tower

Ice Cream for Alanna...

Moo Down-Under

Tuesday we were up reasonably early sorting all our stuff out ready for checking out. Got the hotel to hold our luggage while we went up and popped into the Sydney Museum. Unlike over here they actually charge admission instead of simply pressuring for a donation, but most of the exhibitions are included in the admission price. It wasn't a particularly large museum, but then they don't really have much room to expand. Some interesting exhibitions though - especially one on minerals. No photos from there though, obviously.

Then it was back onto the plane and winging our way back home, and a more turbulent flight I have not previously experienced. I'm not exactly an at-ease flier in the best of circumstances, and so it was safe to say I was fairly tense the entire 3 hours of bumps over the Tasman - and Rosie was almost as bad, and she's usually fine. Finally though we were back upon terra firma - I was not expecting to be so glad to be back on home soil once more! Happy as I may have been, circumstances thereafter appeared to be conspiring against us as we made our way back into the city about 1.30 am. Both motorways were closed for roadworks, so we wormed our way through the back streets to eventually arrive at our door. Back to work for me, starting at 8.30; bring on the next holiday!

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