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Feb 19 -
Top Gear Live

Feb 28 - Chinese
Lantern Festival

Mar 06 -
NZ vs Aussie ODI

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Time of the year for the Chinese Lantern Festival so we thought we'd pop down to Albert Park to check out what was on offer. Large crowds, as it turned out, as it was the last night of the festivities. We shuffled our way around most of it, managing to ignore both the karaoke and the burnt-food smells that threatened to overwhelm our senses, ultimately rewarded by a better fireworks display than the city council ever manages at the official New Years. I hope someone was taking notes. My apologies on that score - no pictures of those as time and again I've learnt the relative impossibilities inherent in capturing fireworks on photo, and the time it takes to get a good shot can be much better spent actually enjoying the show!