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Feb 28 - Chinese
Lantern Festival

Mar 06 -
NZ vs Aussie ODI

Apr 04 -
Ocean Beach

One of the few cricket games all summer being played at the nearby Eden Park stadium. I'd been to a Twenty20 between England and NZ a couple years back and enjoyed that, so figured we could see what an ODI between bitter rivals NZ and Australia was like. A bit disappointing really, depending on your opinions on such things. The game was quite well played (even though Australia won) but I found the drunken and disparaging crowd to be irksome, to say the least. I've always believed in sporting behaviour being shown by the crowd just as much as by the players - a bit of light sledging, fine, but the incessant chanting was getting very old very quickly, and quick likely doing more to offput our players as theirs, and more likely just firing the Aussies up more. Ho hum; - the photos came out quite well at least, in my humble opinion. Enjoy!