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Mar 06 -
NZ vs Aussie ODI

Apr 04 -
Ocean Beach, HB

May 17-18 -
Commute Captures

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Easter weekend, and while we weren't able to stay back down in Hawke's Bay for quite as long as we would have liked - we had expected Rosie to have been rostered with more work hours - we were at least able to take a day out to Ocean Beach with her family. A day at the beach sounds like a great way to kick back and relax - but we went for just a little wander along the stretch of coast between Ocean Beach and Waimarama, the next beach down the coast. A fair stroll - nearing 10 km return, plus jumping about the rocks to scout out the various nooks and crannies and pools within, but the reward was getting plenty of wave-breaking photos, a personal favourite, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell =P