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May 17-18 -
Commute Captures

May 22-24 -

June 05 -
Hamilton Zoo

Flight | Port Hills | Art Centre | New Brighton

Mid April, my friend Jeremy announced his birthday party on Facebook, and I immediately groaned inwardly. Here was yet another get-together hosted by one of my good friends from the good ol' high school days that I would not be able to attend. But then I thought about it and decided that if I acted quick enough, we might be able to score some cheap flights down to Christchurch from Auckland - and sure enough, $59pp each way - paid for by Airpoints. Throw in a good helping of generosity from sister-in-law Heather willing to let us impose upon her flat for accommodation, and there you have very nearly a free weekend away - just parking at the Airport and the inevitable food to pay for now - hardly a crippling blow.