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May 22-24 -

June 05 -
Hamilton Zoo

June 16 -
NI Roadtrip

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Originally the Queen's Birthday long weekend was to be one of little activity, with Rosie needing to study for an exam on the Tuesday. However I received an email in regards the recent arrival in Hamilton Zoo, a young Rhinoceros by the name of Ubuntu. It was to be officially named and introduced to the public on the Saturday 5th June, and those who had suggested the name would be in the draw to win an Eye2Eye experience with the young thing. I had been one such, and though I unfortunately did not win (and had not expected to) it was nonetheless an excellent excuse to check out what proved to be perhaps the best Zoo in New Zealand, by my opinion at least. They have quite the decent variety of animals, and very large exhibits - perhaps the most important factor. Also they appear to have plenty of room to expand, where Auckland and Wellington Zoos are rather hemmed by the urban environment.