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~ Picture Gallery ~

  I had the idea after upgrading to a better web-hosting plan to put together what is effectively an online Photo Archive. That and it was an easy way to be able to show friends and family, irrespective of geographical location, the photographic accounts of out many holidays. I like to flatter myself in thinking that some of them may be good enough for a desktop wallpaper, or even to print out. If you think that's the case, go for it, just don't forget where it came from. I'm sure you'd agree that there's little point printing out someone else's picture, then claiming it as your own, but people never cease to prove me right in such respects, it seems.

  Anyways, browse away. I've tried to organize things as much as I can; if you've got any questions, or if you find a dead link or something, don't hesitate to email me at ajchimaera*at*gmail-dot-com. I'm not the most punctual of correspondents, but patience is a virtue and all that ;o)

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Special Features

Cape Kidnappers Sightseeing of the Gannet Colony in Hawke's Bay
Sydney Revisited Return across the ditch to see more sights
South Island Road Trip Navigation of most of the South Island, including Milford Sound
Sydney Holiday Trans-Tasman treat at the end of 2009
Rosey's Graduation Pictures taken on the parade before, during the ceremony, and after Rosemary's graduation
Verity's 21st Phone-Cam pictures from our friend Verity's 21st party down in Dunedin.
Wedding Pictures taken of Rosie & I's big day.
Portraits Some official Portrait photos Rosie & I got done at the end of 2008.
Something nice to look back on when our bodies have finished falling apart...
Arts Creative pursuits such as sketching or painting.